Invite others to join your 100 Week Sprint!

In 2011, we launched the 100 Week Sprint, a resource for MBA students to support them throughout every step of their business school experience. The program is delivered in the form of a weekly email, supported by webinars, discussion boards, and TONS of resources. I would like to extend the invitation to include your friends and colleagues who are starting their MBAs this upcoming fall to be a part of our program. When they sign up, they’ll receive access to our weekly resources with tools and insights on how to maximize their MBA experiences and achieve their MBA goals.

When does it start?

We’ll be kicking off the 100 Week Sprint on Sunday, April 26, 2015. That week, and for the 100 weeks that follow, we will send out resources that are relevant to students. We’ll begin with pre-MBA resources so that the incoming MBA students can prepare for the school year.

How can MBA students sign up?

There’s a sign-up link on and they are welcome to join us! Here’s a link with suggested wording to make it easier to invite your friends and colleagues.

Excited to kick off the year with you!

Andrea & the 100 Week Sprint team