Find the right classes for you while recruiting

If you’re still on the hunt for a full-time job, you’ll want to take that into consideration as you plan your classes, both this fall and for the full year. You may want to give yourself a slightly lighter load in the upcoming term, while attempting to distribute your coursework over the year fairly evenly overall. Here are some thoughts about how you can select the best courseload for you in the upcoming year.

1. Give yourself a light fall: given that recruiters will be on campus this fall, take the opportunity to focus on recruiting during that time; treat yourself to a slightly lighter courseload.

2. Improve your profile: take a look at your profile and gather feedback from others (summer mentor, classmates, former employers) about where you could bolster it. Make sure to take classes in the fall that will help you improve in that area, and be ready to address it when you are recruiting.

3. Seek out recruiters: some coursework will be more likely to expose you to people with the potential to make hiring decisions; it may be worth considering classes with multiple guest speakers or hands-on management labs.

4. Consider extracurriculars: remember to spare some time to focus on activities outside the classroom that will help your recruiting efforts. You may be well-served to put some focus on student leadership, as leading conferences, securing speakers, etc. will not only boost your profile, it will give you one-on-one contact with hire-ups at many organizations that are currently recruiting. As the year goes on, you might also consider an additional internship or an independent study program as a means of improving your profile and meeting recruiters.

5. Seek out expert advice: talk to one of your favorite professors about what he or she recommends you study this year as you round out both your academic and professional aspirations. That unique perspective will almost certainly give you some food for thought!