Keeping your professional momentum

1. Keep networking: once you’ve settled into your first post-MBA job, it’s far too easy to let the networking slide – but it’s vital that you keep it up! Instead of finding a specific job, network with an eye on your long-term path; make an effort to meet the people whose careers you want, as well as the people who can help you take the steps to get there.

2. Touch base with work: remind your new employers how excited you are to be joining them! At a minimum, connect with your supervisor and his/her supervisor, but you should also reach out to any other colleagues you clicked with. This will not only help you get into the right mind space to begin work, it will keep you front of mind, ensuring the higher-ups are ready to assign you to projects when you start.

3. Touch base with coworkers: similarly, you can smooth your transition into work by connecting with the other folks who will be starting alongside you. Reach out to other new grads who you know got offers; you might organize a lunch or a happy hour, or just start an email chain. You all can reconnect, exchange intel, and help yourselves prepare for your full-time job.

4. Don’t stop learning: consider what academic information will be helpful when you start working and make sure you continue practicing your skills there – pick up your books every now and then and do sample cases or exercises to make sure your mind is sharp and ready to start working when the time comes.

5. Stay connected: make sure you touch base with your Advisory Board, professors who helped you out, and other mentors who’ve been there for you during business school. This will not only help your networking efforts, it will remind them that investing their time and energy in you was worth it.