Items to consider negotiating for

1. Location: if you’ve always wanted to work internationally, consider trying to negotiate an assignment overseas, or even the opportunity to be abroad indefinitely.

2. Travel: while a few industries have defined travel requirements (e.g., consulting), others have flexibility in this area. Would you like to be on the road once or twice a month? Or would you place more value on being able to travel as little as possible?

3. Supervisory responsibilities: if the position does not usually include the chance to manage others, consider asking about the possibility of managing teams, or of taking a supervisory role over an intern.

4. Project variety: if there are certain types of projects you would like to work on, or partners you would welcome the chance to work with, you can negotiate in that area – say, requesting that you get the chance for one or more of those opportunities within the first six months of employment.

5. Ongoing education: consider what kind of training you can seek out going forward. Are there conferences, courses, or specific mentors that you think will help you learn the most about your chosen field? Try to negotiate for those types of experiences.

6. Start date: pushing back your start date may be an option, and may buy you some extra time after two busy  years.

7. Other perks: perhaps the company has a strict budget, and negotiating your salary is out of the picture. Think of other benefits your company has which you can negotiate for.