Consulting Recruiting

Practice a VARIETY of cases
Are you missing any industries? ConsultingCase101 has a database of cases you can choose from that will help you fill in the gaps.

Learn from others’ experiences
Reconnect with second-year students for some final tips. What went well – or what went wrong – during their interviews last year? You can also contact Sparrey Consulting Group for case study preparation!

Know what to expect in the first round
What does an interview look like with X company? Does your first case study entail a written case and an in-person presentation, or are you given X hours to resolve one case? Make sure you are confident about the process for each firm so you won’t be caught off guard.

McKinsey (from the firm) and from (iGotAnOffer)
Bain (from the firm) and (from Glassdoor)
BCG (from iGotAnOffer)

Start preparing for the written case
It’s never too early to look forward to second round interviews that may require a written case evaluation or Powerpoint deck creation. Make sure your practice doesn’t focus exclusively on cases!

Practice the fit questions, too
By now you have lots of lists of fit questions; make sure you take sufficient time to prepare them in advance of interviews. Or, check out InterviewStream to prepare.

Consider alternative consulting firms
It’s possible that the MBB firms aren’t the right fit for you. There are dozens and dozens of other consulting firms out there that you might want to pursue internships with. To start with, consider some of these organizations.