Interview timeline

To prepare for individual interviews, for each company you plan to talk to, try to stick to this following timeline:

  • Three to four months out: Prepare your elevator pitch and get feedback! Also, start researching companies and gather the particular details that spark your interest.
  • One month out (and earlier): Talk to second years who interned at the company last summer; if there are other people in your network with knowledge of the company, reach out to them, too. Remember to actively build your network to identify potential connections, and don’t forget to use LinkedIn to discover connections and reach out to others!
  • Two weeks out: Spend time on the company website as well as industry sites like Hoovers to ensure that you understand their mission, brand, and culture. Know what differentiates that firm from its competitors.
  • The week leading up to your interview: Scan current business news for any mention of the company. One of the best ways to do this is through Google Alerts and LinkedIn’s “Follow Company” feature.
  • On the day of the interview: Go over your notes to make sure you remember the big picture pieces, but don’t try to memorize facts or prepare a speech about the company-just be yourself and share what you know!