Signs that point to a full-time offer

While there are no guarantees in life, there are some very positive signs that you should take to mean that you are likely to get an offer at the end of the summer:

 1. You have a very clear advocate: if there is no doubt in your mind that someone senior in the organization (perhaps your manager or mentor) will go to bat for you, it is likely that that person will be able to help you secure an offer when summer is through.

2. You received a very positive mid-summer evaluation: make no mistake, we are not talking about a “good” evaluation; rather, something that specifies that you have gone above and beyond expectations, perhaps even surprising your superiors. Specific phrasing about being “on track” is an even better sign!

3. You are asked for thoughts about your MBA classmates: if your summer employers begin probing you about who they might meet when they come to campus for full-time recruiting in the fall, that is a very good sign; not only do they trust your judgment, they want you to have a say in who you might be working with!