Energy recruiting

Acquire industry knowledge
Stay up to date on trends in the energy industry. Bloomberg’s Energy pages, Greentech MediaRenewable Energy World, and the Houston Business Journal’s Energy Inc. newsletter will be helpful resources.

Focus on your top 2-3 verticals of interest
This helps narrow down your scope in the wide energy & sustainability industry. Some verticals include oil & gas, mining, wind energy, geothermal energy, renewable energy (overall), solar/photovoltaic energy, nuclear power, etc.

Hone your functional skills
As mentioned by the Fuqua School of Business EDGE Reports, energy companies are looking for specific skills in finance, operations/supply chain, decision sciences, and marketing/sales.

Be creative in sourcing research
While organizations like Greenpeace haven’t traditionally been partners with the energy industry, they are increasingly publishing interesting research to add public pressure for more sustainable energy solutions. Using information sources like this can give you a different perspective, and could differentiate you from other candidates.