Six ways to connect with other MBA students in your industry

Making connections with other schools’ students is a quick and easy way to expand your network several times over. What’s more, it only makes sense to connect with these people now, as they will be your coworkers and industry associates in just one year!

  1. Use SCG: From signing up to SCG’s member portal in order to meet others to asking us for personalized introductions, we can unlock thousands of potential contacts that will help you achieve your goals!
  2. Leverage your summer network: don’t lose touch with the friends you made this summer! Keep connected with your fellow interns and ask to be introduced to their classmates who are also focused on your industry (and do the same for them, in turn).
  3. Reach out to other schools’ industry groups: start with a cold call or email introducing yourself and your group. If you offer to help these organizations with their networking and educational efforts, they are sure to return the favor.
  4. Create a reciprocal network: as you make these connections, begin developing a contact database and website to allow group members to remain connected. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy – just a simple way to facilitate students’ asking each other questions, sharing industry information, and connecting in person if they happen to be in the same area.
  5. Attend other schools’ industry conferences: as you make connections with students in other MBA programs, ask about their upcoming conferences and events, and whether they are open to other students attending; similarly, consider which of your group’s events you can extend invitations to.
  6. Create new industry events: create an event specifically designed to bring the different schools’ groups together – a conference or panel discussion, or, if they are local, just a casual networking event.
  7. Share resources: ensure that the other leaders in your industry group are aware of your efforts and encourage them to do the same; if you all take these steps and then share resources across the group, you will all gain an even more robust network!