Your ProValues exercise


ProValues is an interactive tool, providing a framework to help you evaluate choices in your career. The first step is identifying your career values. What leads to satisfaction in the work place? After the values are identified, we will ask you to assess how past and current roles have fulfilled each of your values.

The final step is to project how your values will be fulfilled in future roles. The intent of the exercise is to spark reflection and conversations about future jobs, to better understand what a role entails and in some cases, what it facilitates in your personal life. It can be hard to gauge what a job is like based on job descriptions alone.

Unlike other job evaluation tools, this exercise doesn’t apply to a single snapshot of your life. Instead, you are able to return to this tool as you uncover new information, particularly as you increase your understanding of future roles. The exercise challenges you to evaluate choices over time, since your criteria may change. While it requires a fairly thorough undertaking on your part, ultimately, it will serve to help you identify a role which maximizes your satisfaction each step of the way.

Please follow the instructions below, and you’ll be well on your way to learning about how your values fit with future roles you’re thinking about!

  • Login to your account at (or register for an account).
  • On the menu bar, go to Toolbox.
  • Click Purchase ProValues™ and checkout to access the exercise. Enter promo code 2020WS to receive a discount.
  • Please note: the exercise can take anywhere between 15 and 45 minutes, depending on how many career experiences you have had to date and the number of choices you are evaluating.
  • After you are finished, generate a report to keep a copy of your results.
Note: It may be helpful to have your resume handy as you go through the exercise.