Preparing incoming student group leaders

Given the short time that students are on campus there is barely time to create the institutional memory that is often vital in keeping an organization strong! That said, we have talked with student leaders about what people did that positioned the team that followed to have a great experience – read on for their thoughts!

  • Write it all down: hopefully, your predecessors provided you with transition materials that included all the details you needed to run an effective organization. If they did, make sure you update it to include any best practices you’ve identified, or to eliminate any details that are no longer relevant. If they didn’t, take the time to create a set – this will not only make the new leaders’ lives easier, it will do the same for you, as it will limit the number of questions you have to answer going forward.
  • Define specific roles and tasks: create specific job descriptions for each incoming leader, including details about which tasks each person will keep on; this should include details as basic as managing to budget and taking meeting minutes, as well as larger jobs like overseeing conferences and other major events.
  • Leverage staff support early: make sure your successors know not only which offices they can approach for assistance, but which specific staff members they should talk to about strategy, logistics, and budgeting. Because MBA student group leaders have, by necessity, short institutional memories, staff members can often help fill in knowledge gaps.
  • Talk about what you didn’t do: in addition to going over the prior year’s programming, make sure to share some thoughts about great ideas that you had that you didn’t end up pursuing, along with ideas from the past that you elected not to continue.
  • Offer yourself up as a resource: make sure that those who come after you feel comfortable reaching out for your insights and assistance, ensuring that the group that you cared so much about will continue to thrive! It may help you keep connected with the latest on campus even after you graduate!