Pre-MBA math resources

While the MBA is not a math degree, basic math knowledge is definitely required, and getting yourself back up to speed now means that you are less likely to get bogged down in class in your first quarter / semester.

The question is, should you build your math momentum now, or tackle it later when you have more pressing concerns (like recruiting, networking, or actually trying to lower your stress)? We suggest you consider a few of the options below to start refreshing your math memory!

Quant courses:

  • HBX CORe (Harvard’s Credential of Readiness program) covers subjects in Business Analytics, Economics for Managers, and Financial Accounting, all crucial for the MBA experience.
  • MBA Math is an online course that has proven successful for many of our clients over the years. The site name is something of a misnomer, as the courses cover a variety of MBA skills beyond math, including finance, accounting, microeconomics, statistics, and spreadsheets. If you’re seeking an overview of the basic subjects required for MBA success, we strongly recommend MBA Math. At $149, this is a terrific investment.
  • UCLA Extension’s online courses have benefited many of our clients in the past; this summer, they are offering Mathematics for Management, providing a solid review of pre-MBA mathematics, including linear and matrix algebra (with special emphasis on demand/supply and cost/revenue analysis) and differential calculus. There are a couple of additional UCLA Extension courses that may be useful, including Business Statistics, and Business Applications of Calculus.
  • UC Berkeley extension offers a similar Math for Management class as well.


  • Forgotten Calculus allows you to navigate specific topics you may want to refresh yourself on, uses examples with full solutions, and includes problems at the end of each section to test your knowledge.
  • Forgotten Algebra is ideal if you’re planning a more math-oriented course of study (e.g., quantitative marketing, derivatives, portfolio management). Algebraic logic skills can also be helpful in more generalized problem-solving.
  • While most MBA programs offer introductory statistics courses, we would hardly discourage opening up Forgotten Statistics or Barron’s Business Statistics before you get started.


  • Try checking out the Statistics Funchannel on YouTube – a creative refresher if you haven’t taken stats for a while.
  • Khan Academy offers several videos in the areas of StatisticsCalculus, and other areas of math and economics (these tools are also available as Apps).