Non-profit opportunities

The designation “non-profit” covers a wide variety of organizations. It includes both the three-person organization striving to bring arts education to schools on a $100,000 budget, and the institute that employs hundreds of people and spends tens of millions of dollars on cancer prevention awareness.

You can almost certainly find an organization that is not only the right fit for you with regards to size and culture, but which addresses a cause which is of interest to you – perhaps even something you’re truly passionate about, which can make going to work a genuine pleasure. While it is true that non-profit positions may pay less than their corporate counterparts, they generally try to make up for it by providing a substantially better work-life balance.

Further, non-profit organizations can provide some of the best networking opportunities out there. The chance to get in front of a non-profit board means gaining exposure to high-level leaders from throughout the business world; and any fundraising events the organization throws are bound to be filled with interesting, accomplished people who share similar interests to your own.

You’ll find that while some MBAs choose to make their careers in non-profits, others have divided their time between non-profit and for-profit organizations.

If you are interested in learning more about some non-profit organizations, along with some sample job descriptions, check out the job listings at such sites as Bridgestar, Idealist, and Guidestar.