Sample LinkedIn summary

See below for a sample LinkedIn summary. From it, you can draw information about the individual, and she includes details that are specific to her story.

Creative solutions are what I enjoy most! I have a passion for sustainable agriculture which started in high school, when I started a business selling home-grown carrots. During my college years at [School], I became interested in new and innovative ways to farmĀ and created product prototypes which resulted in the launch of their first energy-generating root vegetable growing kit.

Since then, I have worked with [Company] in their X department as a team lead, managing the full life cycle product development of solutions in agriculture. My ability to take initiative, attention to detail, and love for research has led to the creation of # new products for [Company] over the span of # years. My MBA from [School] has allowed me even greater opportunities as I took a summer internship with [Company], where I grew my skillset in XYZ.

In addition to my affection for gardening, I also enjoy reading science fiction novels, ice skating (competed on the national level in high school), and hiking in the Pacific Northwest.