Brand management: early tips

During the first few weeks and months of their business school experience, top students are preparing for a career in brand management by doing the following:

  • Participating in brand camp(s) this summer: if you didn’t, ask classmates about their experiences.
  • Getting familiarized with brands: how has X improved their brand over the last 5 years? Has Y suffered in the past year? How would you address it? Know the strengths and weaknesses of up and coming vs. established brands out there. Look for Harvard Business Review case studies, changes in brand rankings, and what social media influencers highlight.
  • Learning from others: top students are reading from  interviews from brand managers to get a grasp of what employers are looking for.
  • Starting to research companies: these students are gathering information online or from alumni, junior employees, and recent graduates from your undergraduate institution. Also check out brokerage reports on the companies managing the brands you’re interested in. If investors are focused on an issue, it’s important for you to know as well!
  • Setting up Google alerts: set up alerts for any company you’re interested in. You don’t want to be surprised by news at the last moment!