Tech & product management: early tips

  • Talk with past interns: since tech companies differ widely in their company culture, this will be one of the best ways to gauge what’s expected of an intern and the learning opportunities you could gain.
  • Start researching interesting products/services: from the reviews on Amazon to Yelp to Glassdoor, check out what others are saying about the company and be prepared to bring up/respond to them. MIT Technology Review also offers deeper insights into longer-term technology trends.
  • Dig deep into companies: Read 1-2 brokerage reports on your target segment or potential target companies, and identify key products and trends investors are monitoring. Also consider virtually attending major conferences and product launch events, like AWS ReInvent, Facebook’s F8, Apple’s WWDC, Microsoft’s BUILD and Google’s I/O. You will likely learn nuances to product designs, strategy, and presentation styles that you can apply later on in your own work.
  • Tap into current newsflow: Every week, check popular industry blogs like TechCrunchGigaOM, Engadget, Wired, ReCode, Mashable. Not only are the product reviews helpful, but you’ll get a pulse of larger issues like privacy and artificial intelligence that will shape product development for years to come.
  • Build technical skills: Clients have noted continued communication gaps between business and technical sides of many tech companies. Consider learning computer coding or some basic engineering concepts to help you bridge the communications gap in meetings. Coursera is a good starting point, but also consider boot camps close to you.