Post-internship questions

You can expect some specific questions about your summer internship experience, especially if you are doing full-time recruiting in a different industry. As you do your interview prep, think through responses to the following questions:

  • Why did you select your internship?
  • How did your internship compare to your expectations?
  • What did you enjoy about your internship?
  • You did an internship in [Industry A], but this job is in [Industry B].¬†Why are you making that change?
  • Why didn’t you pursue an internship in [Industry B]?
  • Is there something you didn’t like about [Industry A]?
  • How do you think [Industry A] will compare to [Industry B]?
  • How do you think [Industry A] will have prepared you for [Industry B]?
  • Did you get an offer?
  • Why are you not taking that offer?