Tips for long-distance MBA relationships

  • Be aware of the onslaught of activities targeted at students. Often, it certainly left my partner out. It’s understandable, but we lived in two universes. In mine, everything changed – the job, my role, my everyday contacts. For him, most things stayed the same and I disappeared. After the first few phone calls, I realized that I had talked non-stop and not asked a single question.
  • The time difference of only 2 hours played a big role: I would get home and be ready to share my day but [my partner] would still be at work. By the time [my partner] got home, I was heading out for study groups or social events. Finally we just set up a schedule. As soon it was in the calendar, we started connecting much more often.
  • Always know when the next trip is.  The end of a weekend together was always much better when we knew that the next time we would be together was already planned.
  • Ensure honest communication! The MBA experience is hard, being apart is harder, and there is no “right way” of navigating the experience. Communicate openly, and do what is right for you.