Time-saving tools

We hope just being aware of all the moving parts (and this is in addition to classwork, clubs, your social life!) will inspire you to adopt some kind of master calendar. Here are some helpful apps/programs that can help you:

Reduce time wasting
Increase efficiency with common tasks
  • Up your computers’ efficiency with help from Wikihow’s Tutorial.
  • Increase your email productivity with Boomerang or Revive Your Inbox to clear your mind of all the incoming information.
  • Even daily routines such as choosing what to wear takes up time! Like Mark Zuckerberg, perhaps choose a few staple outfits to stick to.
Reduce mental clutter

Reduce physical clutter 

  • Check out the tips we had from Week 33 on filtering clutter.
Eliminate “the search” for things
  • Track your missing items with Tile.
  • Manage your job search with JibberJobber.
  • Use cloud-based apps to help you store files and other notes that come up. Some of the ones we like to use are Evernote and Dropbox.