Banking: early tips

During the first few weeks and months of their business school experience, top students are preparing for a career in banking by doing the following:

  • Considering their industry specialties: top students will figure out what they want to focus on (i.e. energy, industrials, technology), and how their background makes them a better candidate for that industry vertical than others in their class.
  • Networking with other bankers: specifically the other bankers in their MBA class. Buy someone coffee, and ask about their biggest surprises and tips for success.
  • Taking advanced finance classes: for students who have the flexibility, they’re exploring finance classes early on. For those who don’t, they’re making sure they’re getting trained on financial modeling early on using resources such as books from Training The Street.
  • Reading: acquaint yourself with business news from the Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, CNBC, Bloomberg, and any sector research you may have access to in your brokerage accounts.
  • Actively following the markets: track what’s happening on the NYSE and the NASDAQ daily, as well as any international markets you’re interested in.
  • Talk with peers: Socializing with others going into banking, or who have banking experience, will help you understand cultural differences between firms, teams, and even individual executives. Remember, you’re not just building a network for recruiting, but to enable your success for the rest of your life.