Four reasons to take an offer

If you have an offer in hand that seems pretty good, but you’re just not 100% sure about it, this is the perfect time to refer back to your ProValues. Revisiting what you value most in a position – as well as what you consider a dealbreaker – will help you make the call. As you complete the exercise, here are some signs that you might want to take the offer:

1. Potentially negotiable factors: if the offer doesn’t appeal due to details that may have potential to change (e.g., supervisory responsibilities, travel requirements, or flexible work arrangements), remember that those factors are often negotiable or may change quickly – especially after you’ve made a name for yourself! Consider accepting the offer then requesting that those factors be revisited a few months in.

2. Possibility for change: if the role isn’t ideal for now, but may evolve into something that fulfills more of your career criteria (whether through promotion, a lateral move, or simply changing responsibilities), you might want to stick it out for a year or two in order to get to that new position.

3. Fulfillment of vital dealbreakers: if you have certain requirements that you know will be tough to fulfill (e.g., unique geographical needs, the ability to work from home regularly, or a guarantee of never needing to travel), and this offer meets those requirements, that might be a good reason to consider taking it, even if it’s not ideal in other areas.

4. You have low risk tolerance: if you know yourself to be risk-averse, you might feel more comforted taking this position, even if it’s not perfect, if you know it will make for significantly less stress in the upcoming months.