How to master Excel

One of the single most powerful things you can do to help yourself in business school (and in your early post-MBA career) is to really master Excel. Even after years of consulting or banking, many MBA students have been surprised by how much functionality exists in Excel that they are not aware of. While you may feel it will not be necessary to your future career as the CEO of a large organization, it is amazing the number of times Excel modeling may come in handy, both during school and in the years to come.

Fortunately, there are some terrific resources available. See below for our suggestions!

  • Want to be more efficient with Excel? Efficient Excel is a tool created by business school professors & MBAs to help you maximize your Excel skills, no matter where your skill level is. 100 Week Sprint readers have access to an exclusive discount – click here for additional details.
  • Have you used Excel on a regular basis for the past year? If the answer is no, UDEMY Beginner / Intermediate is likely the right place for you to start!
    • While some of the concepts may be familiar, there are many tools introduced in these modules that will make your work in Excel much easier. Even as “Excel nerds” ourselves, we have found lots of helpful tips and tricks in these two modules.
  • Have you been using Excel every day since graduating from college? Consider yourself a bit of an Excel guru? Does everyone come to you for Excel advice? You are still likely to benefit from the UDEMY Advanced class.
    • Do you find your models working a little slowly at times? Ever spent an entire evening waiting for a model to calculate? Written macros? This class includes lots of tips and tricks that will make your Excel skillset even stronger.