Company finance recruiting

Both having a strong grasp of the technical skills (such as financial modeling) and knowing the types of questions you’ll be asked can help you prepare. Also, don’t forget to brush up on current events – these interviews are notorious for including questions about items in the news that very morning!

Develop a list of fit questions
Even the quickest quant wizard may get a ding if he or she doesn’t fit with the company culture. Research fit questions other students have received in the past for each of the organizations you’re interviewing with.

Know what to expect
Firms have different interview approaches. While some will focus extensively on fit and personality, others may spend most of their time asking you to explain or demonstrate knowledge of certain financial modeling concepts (like the ones summarized in the next section). Make sure you’re ready to tackle the interview process!

Be prepared for finance questions
You may be asked to tackle certain financial modeling concepts, such as Cash Flow Buildup and Weighted Average Cost of Capital; you can also expect to demonstrate your knowledge of finance basics, such as how to value a bond, how to value a company, or defining the difference between preferred and regular stock.

Research companies
Get information online or from alumni, junior employees, and recent graduates from your undergraduate institution.

Google alerts
Set up alerts for any company you’re interviewing with. This goes above and beyond just keeping up with current events – you want to be 100% up-to-date on anything (good or bad) that is affecting the organization you want to be a part of!