Advisory board examples

Here are some examples of how different people have leveraged their advisory boards in different stages.

Aspiring entrepreneur

  • Moral Compass: Constantly helped me clarify my objectives (and introduced me to clients)
    • Source: mentor from former job
  • Networker: Broadcast writer who introduced me to prospective funders and sponsors.
    • Source: served on non-profit board together
  • Number Cruncher: Reviews business cases and challenges sensitivities to ensure that I actively consider the upside
    • Source: MBA classmate
  • Heavy Hitter: Helped to close deal I had been negotiating for months
    • Source: former boss
  • Sage: Challenged me to get a product Beta quickly
    • Source: former employee

Experienced non-profit leader

  • Moral Compass: Constantly kept me focused and on track, called me out on excuses, etc.
    • Source: significant other
  • Networker: Introduced me to many people in my desired field and helped me get my current job
    • Source: CEO + mentor from an organization I helped
  • Number Cruncher: Reviews high level analyses with me to ensure we have thought through implications
    • Source: significant other
  • Heavy Hitter: Helps close deals with significant clients
    • Source: current boss
  • Sage: Provides guidance on how to be a more effective manager and how to negotiate upward
    • Source: friend who is an executive coach

Young professional (recent college graduate)

  • Moral Compass: Asked the tough questions – whether or not my career decisions aligned with my values, particularly in first year after graduation
    • Source: leader in accountability group
  • Networker: Introduced me to majority of staff in an international company and offered me a summer internship, which expanded my international network
    • Source: ¬†former boss
  • Number Cruncher: Helped me streamline my recruiting efforts and identify the specific opportunities between job options after college
    • Source: organization co-leader
  • Heavy Hitter: Has the expertise to help me identify specific opportunities put me on a rising career trajectory. Invests in my career development and frequently checks in with me
    • Source: current boss
  • Sage: When looking at different job opportunities, helped me look how a role would fit in my 5-year objectives. Shared past experiences of jobs as a recent graduate and provided insight as to what my selected role could be in a few years time.
    • Source: family member