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The 100 Week Sprint, presented by the Sparrey Consulting Group, is a program designed to help you to make the most of your MBA investment. Each year, hundreds of students at top-MBA programs representing billions in future earnings use recommendations from our programs to streamline their recruiting strategies, reduce stress, save time, and achieve more during their time at school.

Over 10 years, the 100 Week Sprint has grown a highly engaged readership. The average open rates on emails are 53%, which is 20% higher than the industry norm. We strive to keep our readership engaged by curating topics that are most relevant to MBA students, with advice on recruiting, entrepreneurship, networking, and more.  

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What Our Readers Say

Some of our other readers have said...

“So glad to have 100 Week Sprint in my toolbox as I work through my MBA. I love the “to do list” feature, which helps me chip away at big tasks weekly, instead of doing it all at the last minute.”
Anisha, Stanford (GSB)
“100 Week Sprint makes me feel like I’m tapping into the best advice of top business school alumni. And it only takes 10 minutes a week, which is crucial while I’m so busy at school. It helps me think ahead and also feel grounded with what will help me stay in tuned with my goals, and equips me with resources that will take me closer to achieving those goals."
Helen Elizabeth, Duke (Fuqua)
“I needed a way to stay on top of the big picture items (e.g. recruiting, scholarship deadlines) before I got to school and now while I’m in school. 100 Week Sprint helps keep me accountable.”
Alex, Harvard (HBS)