What to do between school and work

1. Reconnect with people: this is a great time to reach out to people you lost touch with during school, whether former colleagues, old friends, or even family members. And remember, this will actually help you keep that professional momentum going, too – the more people you tell about what your professional objectives are, the more people there are willing to help you out!

2. Pick up old hobbies: remember all those things you did before starting school? Reading, traveling, exercising, knitting… whatever you used to do, get into it again! Once you get back into the habit, it will be easier to try to make a little time for these things once you start work.

3. Make time for sleep: we shouldn’t have to tell you this… but you probably haven’t gotten enough sleep for two years. You likely won’t get¬†enough sleep after you start work. Make sure you prioritize getting some rest!

4. Tend to personal business: sooner rather than later, you’ll want to settle all those annoying tasks that accompany a move – setting up utilities, forwarding mail, finishing unpacking. Rest assured, you will not have time to attend to these details once you start work.

5. Address personal finances: establish a financial plan to ensure you are confident and comfortable over the next few months – set aside money for a rainy-day fund, and make sure you’ve identified what you’ll need to do to begin paying back your loans (more on that in the coming weeks).¬†

6. Continue your education: After two years of finance, strategy, and econ, are you yearning to learn French, delve into how to analyze a poem, or brush up on constitutional issues? Check out an online class or two on topics that have always been of interest to you!