What to do during an interview

Although you can’t be certain about what will happen during an interview, do what you can to put your best foot forward. By getting comfortable with the process, you can avoid some weird things nerves make you do in job interviews.

  • Listen carefully: When an interviewer asks you a question, be sure to listen to the whole thing before you answer. If there is a smooth flow of conversation, you can be tempted to interject with an interesting anecdote or mention your accomplishments, but that can not only be perceived as rude, it might have very little to do with the question that they intended to ask.
  • Speak up (but not too much): There can be a fine line here. Be sure to fully answer the question (especially if there are multiple parts), but also try not to go on long tangents. A good way to determine whether you have a tendency to do this is to record your answers through tools such as InterviewStream.
  • Smile: Don’t force it, but try to have a natural smile. Smiling may help you feel more relaxed, as well as your interviewer(s).
  • Practice your handshakeSeriously! A strong, confident (but not crushing) handshake can provide a great first impression.