Where to spend on your job search

While you invest many tens of thousands of dollars in your education, prepare yourself for your job search. Here are our thoughts on the best places to spend your money as you get ready for recruiting this fall.

1. Haircuts: Get one every six weeks, whether you think you need it or not. (True story: I once knew someone who almost lost a consulting job until a partner took pity on him and took him aside to suggest he trim his shaggy locks before his final interview; he took the advice, and got the job.)

2. New clothes: Have you lost or gained weight since you bought your basic black suit? Your interviewer may well notice – and be distracted by – ill-fitting clothes. Even if your suit still looks great, consider investing in a new blouse or new tie to give you that extra boost of confidence.

3. Dry cleaning: Don’t let anyone tell you that those dryer sheets and a quick ironing job at home works just as well. It doesn’t.

4. A shoe shine: Find yourself a good shoe repair shop and get your shoes fully detailed before you start interviewing. If you haven’t invested in really nice shoes, now is the time. Remember, if you buy new shoes, break them in for a few days before your interview day. It will make you more comfortable.

5. New business cards: Yes, they are increasingly quaint in today’s workplace. However if your target companies still use them, and you find your cards generally come out of your wallet a little dingy, with soft corners, make sure to invest in a new batch – business cards are still a huge part of that vital first impression for many workplaces. Differentiate yours if you can (we love using Moo)!

6. Career coaching: If you’re in the market for a little more help ensuring that you are as prepared as possible for your upcoming recruiting onslaught, contact us to set up a coaching session!