Student groups

We recently ran a survey with our former clients who just completed their first year at b-school. 50% of respondents indicated that the number of groups they joined was just right (they had joined between 3 and 10 groups), while 50% indicated that it was too much (they had also joined between 3 and 10 groups).

One individual offered the advice to “join all clubs you’re remotely interested in,” with the reasoning that club mailing lists send resources such as job postings and events.

Another respondent cautioned against getting over-involved and mentions that “it’s better to go deep than broad…choose a club that you’re interested in and would give you some tangible achievement to talk about in your resume/interviews.” This aligns with advice we give current MBA students; just like in your MBA applications, you are trying to differentiate yourself from peers during your MBA itself. The deeper you get involved in an activity or organization, the more you can differentiate yourself!

Professional development is a huge reason to join clubs as one respondent suggests to “Position early for chair,” but you’re definitely still going to want to have a social life, as another says to “Join all the fun social clubs – find out which ones throw the best parties!”

With all considerations taken to mind, definitely get involved in the clubs you are interested in and make the most out of those opportunities. Have fun doing it as well!