Learn the MBA lingo and concepts… fast

The MBA IQ® is a valuable tool that provides a great foundation on many of the subjects you’ll cover in business school. From sourcing to consulting jargon to core strategy paradigms, MBA IQ offers a quick overview that can help you jump right in as soon as you start school. If you’re already an expert on all things business, this might still be a valuable refresher. (Then again, how many people are truly experts on all things business?)

What can MBA IQ help you to do?

Expose you to the basics

  • Learn about new industries: from pharma to industrials, MBA IQ can quickly expose you to high-level overviews of many industries – great for those early cases and first few networking events!
  • Get introduced to core concepts: for example, the Operations section includes high-level lessons about JIT inventory, throughput levers, and ISO standards.

Broaden your perspective

  • Within your industry: perhaps you’re coming from Bain or McKinsey and want to learn about other firms’ best practices – MBA IQ can teach you about such tools as the BCG Stars framework.
  • In other industries: maybe you’re interested in retail – MBA IQ can help you learn about basic concepts like value-based location strategies.

Help you prepare for a new career path

  • Get a valuable head start if you’re planning on switching careers! Learn the basics of marketing, finance, operations (including logistics), and several other functional areas you may not yet be familiar with.

We are extremely excited about how empowering this tool can be, especially for those who have limited formal business training, or very focused business experience thus far. This week, consider whether the MBA IQ is the right tool for you to help prepare for business school.