Four ways to connect with other industry professionals

Once you’ve connected with fellow MBAs, keep your momentum going by continuing to network throughout the industry.

1. Use your new connections: as you begin bringing together MBA students from different schools, use that as a reason to reach out to industry professionals. Developing a conference, hosting a networking event, or even just creating an online networking resource are all good opportunities to reach out to folks further along in their careers and invite them to be involved.

2. Leverage LinkedIn groups: LinkedIn can be an extraordinarily powerful tool. There are groups dedicated not only to specific industries, but also to subsets within each of those industries – you may well find a group-specific to your desired specialty, your preferred location, or alumni from your school.

3. Find other industry groups: beyond LinkedIn, there are organizations devoted to virtually every industry you can imagine. Some quick googling can help you find a group of professionals who will provide excellent networking – start with a request for an informational interview with the organization’s public face, and go from there!

4. Return to campus: many schools’ Career Services offices offer a variety of opportunities for alumni, including networking events, webinars, and resume posting. You may have already mined your college’s alumni database, but going directly to Career Services can offer many other opportunities to connect.