Healthcare: early tips

  • Network: Your peers, friends, even your healthcare providers can provide perspective and introduce you to others to build relationships in the healthcare industry.
  • Identify areas of interest: narrow down the scope of your interest in healthcare by focusing on 2-3 verticals, which may include medical devices, hospital administration, biotech, international aid agencies, medical group management, health insurance, etc.
  • Start to check out some common questions: Despite the functional role you’re applying for, here are some healthcare administration questions that may be helpful to prepare for.
  • Stay up-to-date with the news: Especially with changes in healthcare policy, the way services are provided may change. Set up Google Alerts for healthcare (and the company of interest in particular).
  • Dig into interesting companies and segments: Read 1-2 brokerage reports on your target healthcare segment or potential target companies, and identify key products and trials investors are monitoring
  • Expand your technical knowledge: Every month, check (or if you dare, subscribe) to a journal like the New England Journal of Medicine, Lancet, or other peer-reviewed medical/healthcare journal (make sure it is aligned to your target area)