Brand management recruiting

Be sure to practice “fit” questions
Even in Brand Management prep, it is tempting to get caught up in the case questions. Research fit questions other students have received in the past for each of the organizations you’re interviewing with.

Practice on InterviewStream
Utilize this tool to practice your interviews. Email us if you’d like access to it!

Familiarize yourself with brands
How has X improved their brand over the last 5 years? Has Y suffered in the past year? How would you address it? Know the strengths and weaknesses of up and coming vs. established brands out there.

Expect these questions
Glassdoor offers a list of the questions you might get asked, based on the interviews of others. Leverage the site to prepare yourself for a range of questions. Here’s another wide variety of questions, sorted into categories (the website is dated, but still great questions).

Learn from others
Read the interviews from brand managers to get a grasp of what employers are looking for. Observe the actions taken in brand transformation stories and know what you’d talk about if asked about them.

Update your resume
If you have any last minute changes to your profile, be sure to make them on your resume.

Google alerts
Set up alerts for any company you’re interviewing with. You don’t want to be surprised by news at the last moment!