Connect with first years

It can be challenging for first- and second-year students to connect. This is especially true right now – after all, you’re not in the same classes, the first-years are just starting to get involved in student groups, and they’re still getting settled in on campus. It’s worth it to try to buck that trend, though, and make an effort to get to know first-years, both for their benefit and your own!

1. Seek them out: there are many first-years who have either already met you, or expressed an interest in meeting you. Track down the students you met at Admit Weekend; the ones who went to your college or grew up in your home town; and those who signed up on your club’s interest sheet. Just dropping these first-years a note will make them feel welcome.

2. Act as a second-year mentor: sign up for a career advisor or other mentorship program. It will not only help out the first-years you work with, it will give you the chance to try out leadership and managerial techniques you may have been working on during your first-year experiences and internship.

3. Look for start-up support: if you are involved in something entrepreneurship-related – whether you’re just considering entering a business plan competition, or you’ve already set the foundations of your business – look for first year(s) who are interested in being part of entrepreneurial endeavors on campus. They could have the missing ingredient your team needs to succeed.

4. Get industry knowledge: many of the entering first-years will be coming from the industry you’re recruiting in (maybe even from the company you’d love to end up at). This doubles the size of your network. Remember, career support flows both ways!

5. Introduce them to the 100 Week Sprint: If you’ve found the 100 Week Sprint helpful as you make your way through business school, share it with the first-years to help them get through these crazy first weeks of school. Send them a sign-up link here!