Kick-start your goals

At the start of the 100 Week Sprint, we encouraged you to set goals for your MBA using SMART criteria. While striving towards goals is important, it’s also important to confirm that those goals still make sense in the context of the bigger picture. Consider whether your goals still make sense, or whether you should reshape (or completely scrap!) these goals. Be honest with yourself – do you see goals where you haven’t made much progress (or any at all)? If so, what now?

1. Break it down: identifying the smaller steps necessary to achieve a larger goal can help you figure out how to move forward.

2. Find a goal buddy: find a classmate (or, better yet, a friend outside of school) who will help you stay on track. Ask him or her to check in with you on a regular basis (every 2 weeks) about your goal in an effort to keep you moving forward. (Hopefully you can find people with a goals of their own that you can help out with in return!)

3. Start tracking your success: use a tool such as Goals On Track or a similar resource to make sure you’re making progress on your goals.

4. Add incentives: leverage a tool like stickK which creates Commitment Contracts that allow you to be charged money every time you do not hit a goal milestone (you set the amount, and you choose where that money goes).

5. Eat that frog: not sure what we’re talking about? Click here!