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Refer a friend to join the 100 Week Sprint by sending them the following email:

Subject line: One quick thing to do before your MBA!

Join the 100 Week Sprint, a program that was launched in 2011 to help elite students make the most of their MBA experience. After all, factoring in opportunity cost, you are likely to spend close to $500K in this endeavor. The initiative was created to provide simple tools, resources, and connections to help students achieve their MBA goals. This includes building relationships across elite business schools, with leading recruiters, and each other.

We address many of the questions that MBA students will face over the next 100 weeks, including:

    • Can anyone find me 5 more minutes in my day?
    • How can I hit the ground running?
    • When should I really get serious about recruiting?
    • What is X (industry) really like?
    • Should I stick to my initial recruiting plan?
    • Which offer should I take?

Each week, for the ~100 weeks you’re getting ready for school, in school, or even taking a break, you’ll receive ideas and tools that will help you reach your goals.

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