10 reasons to join the 100 Week Sprint

The 100 Week Sprint has launched for the Class of 2022! Here are 10 reasons why you should join today:

  1. An MBA is expensive! The 100 Week Sprint is designed to maximize your ROI by helping to you to identify what you want and offering tools to get it.
  2. We challenge you to be accountable for your goals.
  3. Our sample resumes, cover letters, and email introduction templates will save you time.
  4. We provide support for your networking efforts.
  5. Learn about industries and functions before you get to school.
  6. Get advice on how to say “No!” (a critical element of success as a student).
  7. Use our interview resources to help you to prepare effectively.
  8. Benefit from existing students’ and alumni best practices.
  9. Be inspired by other MBA students’ stories!
  10. Most importantly: you’ll have the chance to interact with other amazing top-tier MBA students at a variety of programs.