10 reasons to join the 100 Week Sprint

The 100 Week Sprint will launch soon for the Class of 2023! Here are 10 reasons why you should join today:

  1. An MBA is expensive! The 100 Week Sprint maximizes your ROI by helping to you to identify your goals and tools to achieve them.
  2. You will only do an MBA once! People who came before you want to share their best practices with you.
  3. Our weekly structure gives you timely information in an easily-digestible format.
  4. Defined 5, 30, and 60-minute to-dos give you achievable weekly actions to ensure you achieve your goals.
  5. Save time (and money) by avoiding mistakes.
  6. Explore industries and functions before you get to school, so you can focus your energy.
  7. Expand your networking efforts and encourage your creativity as you own your job search.
  8. Get advice on when to say “Yes” and how to say “No!” definitively.
  9. Use our recruiting resources to help you to prepare effectively and improve your outcomes.
  10. Learn from other MBA students’ and alumni inspiring stories.